Random Fact: Friday the 13th

blogpix21Hispanics don’t believe in Friday the 13th. Rather, all around Latin America, bad luck comes when the 13th falls on a TUESDAY.

This long-held superstition has now been identified by scientists as a phobia, Trezidavomatiophobia or Triscaidecaphobia (how the heck do you pronounce these words, anyway?). 

Being that Hispanic culture is predominantly Catholic, it comes as no surprise that the alleged roots for this fear stem from the Bible: On the day that Jesus died, there were 12 apostles plus Jesus, which made for a total of 13 people. Also, in the Bible book of Revelations, the number 13 is linked to both the Antichrist and the Beast.

Trust me, in our head, this all somehow makes sense.

On this day, you know you gotta listen to your mom when she warns you: Don’t get married, don’t board a ship, don’t travel… and GOD forbid you find a black crow. But that’s a whole other story…


© 2009 Elianne Ramos. All rights reserved.

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