LatinoFest stirs some ‘moolah’ into Baltimore’s ‘salsa’


Just like salsa, a word that in Spanish means both sauce and the hot, hip-swinging music genre, the Hispanic community in Baltimore keeps on spreading. And salsa is just one of the ingredients on the menu at LatinoFest, an event that for 29 years has been the ultimate celebration of the metaphoric ‘melting pot’ that continues to mold Baltimore City. This Saturday and Sunday, massive crowds from all over the area, will gather at Patterson Park to see, hear and taste the many flavors and rhythms of Hispanic culture.

Each year, LatinoFest attracts between 40,000 and 50,000 people of Latin American descent, with the largest share of attendees coming from the Baltimore metropolitan and surrounding counties, followed by residents from Washington and Virginia. This means 40 to 50 thousand people who will be spending money on tickets, having a meal or a drink, staying in hotels, shopping, taxis…

LatinoFest stirs some ‘moolah’ into Baltimore’s ‘salsa’

This article first appeared at on June 24, 2009.

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