Random Fact: Blog-Bragging at AuthorsLatino.com

After several Google searches for the name Gerard C. Eakedale, I have once again emerged empty-handed. Yet the fact that I may never know for sure who this presumed author really was may never stop me from admiring the sublety and simplicity of the statement that makes him the quotation darling of the motivational-speaking circuit: “Recognition is the greatest motivator.”

Today, that cringe-inducing phrase may turn out to be the most appropriate, as authorslatino.com has chosen speakhispanic.com as the featured blog for their weekly Blog Brag. Ok, ok, I hear you saying, bragging does not recognition make. But the fact the someone like Jo Ann Hernández invites me to openly boast about my blog on hers is recognition enough for me, thank you very much. Jo Ann’s brainchild, The BronzeWord Latino Authors blog, details their services for authors and bloggers who want to connect and promote their work and/or need assistance with their publishing goals.

And yes, it may sound very earnest, but I want to give my very sincere thanks to her, my fellow Twitterholic, comrade-in-arms and all-around sweet lady, for giving me a rare and welcome opportunity to do some good, old-fashioned shameless self-promotion on her blog.

Thanks, Jo Ann, count me motivated!

Read my justification for SpeakHispanic’s existence at: http://cli.gs/WqngV

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