And the Winner is… [drumroll, please!]

Click on the image to buy the book!

Click on the image to buy the book!

Last week, as part of the BronzeWord Blog Tour, we had the honor of hosting the author of AMERICA LIBRE, Raúl Ramos y Sánchez. We got an exclusive peek inside Raúl’s twisted psyche, and as it turns out, he is a pretty wholesome man!

[… All the more suspicious, if you ask me!]

Readers were asked to submit a comment. We then asked our automated random-number-generating bot to pick the winner for us. And here is it.

The winner of the FREE America Libre book is [drumroll, please!]


Kelly is a very gracious Venezuelan, knowledgeable commenter and the president and founder of Working Art Media, a Website design and multimedia company located in the Greater Rochester area, New York.

Thanks for stopping by and participating, Kelly, we are so happy for you!

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for the winner’s potential development of revolutionary thoughts, random urges to get onto the street and yell “Viva la Raza!”, or an inexplicable urge to join an urban guerrilla. Any limbs, intolerance or conformist thoughts lost as a consequence of reading this book are the sole responsibility of said winner. As a bonus, the winner will experience a surge in visionary thinking, discernment and understanding of current Latino issues.

All yours to keep!

Congratulations again, Kelly!

To get your own copy of Raúl Ramos y Sánchez click on the picture above. You may also learn more about the book at his website, follow him on Twitter or become his friend on Facebook.

The BronzeWord BlogTour lives at

[All text and images ©2009 Elianne Ramos]

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