It’s Official: Elianne is a Latina Twitter Queen!


You get up every day. You go through the motions [coffee, shower, change, work, eat, browse the web, work some more, sleep]. Sometimes, you actually catch your breath to laugh, to connect, to share a bit of you on Twitter -140 characters at a time. And sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you actually make meaningful connections.

One if such connections is Lori Gama, CEO of DaGama Web Studio, a Colorado-based social media and design company that specializes in strategic, search engine-friendly Websites. A communicator by heart, Lori is on a mission to teach others about maximizing social media, which has quickly garnered her a stable of followers and fans.

She is now running a series of interviews with Top Latino/Latina leaders in Social Media in which they discuss everything from Twitter usage to the current Latina dropout rate. To my surprise, she chose to interview ME, and called me a Latina Twitter Queen! [ensuing a flurry of compliments on both Twitter and Facebook, thanks to my good friend @vmramos – see partial clip below]


While I’m very flattered,  [“Where is my Tiara?”], I am also very honored and humbled to be in the company of trailblazers like LatISM co-creator Louis Pagan [@LouisPagan] and Claudia Goffan, CEO of Target Latino [@TargetLatino], two amazing tweeps whom I respect and admire!

And this is why I look forward to going on Twitter everyday. Connecting with people like Louis, Claudia, Lori and 2,000+ others, makes every second on Twitter, golden!

Gracias mil, Lori, you rock. Thanks for making me Latina Twitter Queen for a day!

To read the interview, click here: Learn Social Networking Blog

To connect with Lori: Twitter, LinkedInFacebook or her Website


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