Post on Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix: Latina Blogger Explosion




I’ve been an avid fan of the Marketing Profs site for a while: its daily newsletter and insightful articles are usually my mental breakfast as I head out on my commute every morning.

And so it was a great honor for me to accept their invitation to write a column for them on the topic of Latinas and blogging. As the Vice-Chair of Communications and PR for Latinos in Social Media [LATISM], I was part of the team that produced, implemented and publicized the Latinos in Social Media’s [LATISM] Latina Blogger Survey, I have been am eye-witness to the veritable explosion of Latina bloggers throughout the blogosphere.

The article explains how, beyond the obviously good news that these bloggers now provide us with a new outlet for furthering our brands’ messages, the implications of this Latina blogger explosion for PR and marketing professionals are many…


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