RECAP: #LGBTQLatinos Hangout with @DoloresHuerta and Community Leaders

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that when it comes to LGBTQ anything, the Latino community’s response is always “De eso no se habla” (“We don’t talk about those things”). That’s an inaccurate assumption, though, according to panelists at the #LGBTQLatinos Google+ Hangout I hosted last week.

Legends in the civil, labor and LGBTQ rights movements — Dolores Huerta from the Dolores Huerta Foundation, Laura Esquivel from the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Sergio Lopez from Freedom to Marry and Gautam Raghavan from The White House — debunked many of the misconceptions associated with this topic and answered questions ranging from stereotyping, the historically notorious invisiblity of gay Latinos in the mainstream LGBTQ rights conversation, health disparities and the Affordable Care Act, to marriage equality, SB1062 copycat laws and much more. Here are some choice quotes from the conversation (click on each quote to view a larger image):

Questions answered included:
• What can we regular citizens do to prevent #SB1062 copycat bills from popping up in other states after the bill was vetoed in Arizona?
• How would immigration reform or lack thereof affect this population in particular?

• Where can our Latino LGBTQ brothers and sisters go to find health care help and resources?

• What can allies do to help advance our LGBTQ brothers and sisters?

Below are some of the resources they shared (click on the image to view the larger version):



We got so many comments and questions from viewers, a whole hour was not enough — so expect an encore! If you happened to miss it, you can view the edited version of the video above — Enjoy and see you at the next hangout!

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