Latin@ Bloggers Share Their Health Stories #GetCovered #AseguraTuSalud

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Part of the beauty of the human experience is the inherent uniqueness that being an individual affords us. And there are few areas in which that uniqueness manifests more clearly than our health.  Even among those of us who share a common DNA, the personal differences ranging from cell structure, body composition, metabolism, coupled with personal diet preferences, exposure to environmental elements, hygiene, and even socioeconomic factors, influence and help determine how much healthcare we may or may not need.

Every individual – regardless of age, ethnicity, class, gender or religious beliefs – has the right to health, a fact that has been ratified in international and regional treaties and national constitutions all over the world. With the Affordable Care Act deadline around the corner (coming up on March 31st), though, it is imperative we get the right information so we can exert that right and make the informed choices we need to preserve our health and that of our loved ones. One very helpful set of tools, developed by the non-profit Consumer Reports (and Consumer Reports en Español), has helped thousands of people determine what kind of health insurance plan offers them the best coverage for their needs and whether they qualify for subsidies.

During their launch, they asked a group of bloggers to review the tools, and to share with their online followers why they think it’s so important to obtain health insurance. Their posts recount their unique stories of health, of confronting illnesses, of challenges… and of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, they and their loved ones no longer will be denied the right to being cared for when they need it most. Their stories – unique, poignant, heartwarming, and ultimately, human – give a face to the very real need this law is filling within our community, and point to the reasons why stories like these are just begging to be told. Read them all below.




Check out Consumer Reports’ tools to determine your health insurance options:
English:  •  Spanish:

Tools to determine if you qualify for the health tax credit:
English: Health Tax Credit Tool  •  Spanish: Crédito Fiscal de Salud

And of course, here’s the official Affordable Care Act website in English, and in Spanish. Don’t forget to #GetCovered before March 31st!

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