May 13 at 7pm ET: Join My G+ Hangout on Immigration Reform with Movement Leaders

Hangout Promo

Ah, Immigration… Despite proven advantages to fixing it, and obvious disadvantages to keeping the system broken as it is, the fight to reform it in a just and humane way seems like the never-ending story: A labyrinth of twists, turns, inaction and the inexplicable resistance from politicians to dealing with the issue. Advocates, community and religious leaders, as well as legislators from both sides of the aisle have and continue to be up in arms demanding a solution to the human rights crisis brought about by the broken immigration system in this country. Yet, after years of marches, petitions, visits to legislators, fasts and more, we find ourselves with… NOTHING.

To discuss the current state of affairs of this very pressing issue, I have invited four leaders who have been at the forefront in pushing politicians to address it:

Pramilah Jayapal, Co-Chair of We Belong Together, and the founder and Executive Director of OneAmerica, the largest immigrant advocacy organization in Washington state and a leading force for immigrant rights nationally

Eliseo  Medina, Labor Union activist, leader and advocate for immigration reform. He’s the current Secretary-Treasurer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and a former board member of the United Farm Workers

Susana Sandoval, a writer, educator, activist who works on national issues of education, economic development and immigration reform

Gaby Pacheco, Director of the Bridge Project, DREAMer and immigrant rights leader

Join our discussion LIVE this coming Tuesday, May 13th at 7pm ET on Google Plus, and please send me your questions! See you then!



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