G+ Hangout Recap: My Interview with TX State Senator Leticia Van De Putte

Leticia Van de Putte Hangout

Leticia Van de Putte during our interview on May 14, 2014. Photo courtesy of the Leticia Van de Putte Campaign.

You’ve spoken to one politician, you’ve spoken to all. Right? Don’t be so sure. If you tend to believe the conventional wisdom that all office-seekers are these oily, dubious types, get ready for a very pleasant awakening! This Wednesday, I interviewed a woman who cuts through the cakey molds of political posing to talk about issues in a commanding yet trusty, woman-next-door-sy kind of way. More than that, she wears her “Latinidad” with pride, insisting it adds to her ability to lead! Could it be? A politician who — GASP! — actually comes across as a human being!? I’m all in!

I’m talking about, of course, Leticia Van de Putte, who’s been widely hailed as “The woman who could turn Texas blue.” Watch her interview below, and you’ll see why it’s no wonder she’s become one of the most influential women in U.S. politics today, and a symbol for the rights of women everywhere. A pharmacist by trade, a politician by conviction, and a mother, grandmother and community leader by sheer passion, Leticia shared her thoughts on her unusual career path, the blessings of being a Latina, the changing politics in her home state and her call to action for Latinas who aspire to leadership positions. Here are some of my favorite quotes for you to share:

Tweet: It wasn’t about Wendy or about Leticia, it was about the people who had been ignored. ~@Leticiavdp on #TXfilibuster http://ctt.ec/R15az+

Tweet: We understand tragedy & crisis, & we understand that sometimes that’s when we are strongest. ~@Leticiavdp on #Latinas http://ctt.ec/N3ZM6+

Tweet: It’s hard work & sometimes you fall short. But you never give up, you work with people. ~@Leticiavdp on #ElectedOffice http://ctt.ec/sa4bA+

Tweet: “We need to make sure everyone’s voting but we also need to make sure that there’s fair representation.” ~@Leticiavdp http://ctt.ec/e1eb0+

Tweet: “When it all boils down to it, we’re all American. We’re all in this together.” ~@Leticiavdp http://ctt.ec/eDXuc+

Tweet: Don’t be defined by the roles that somebody is going to put you in. ~@Leticiavdp ‘s advice to Latinas http://ctt.ec/m513s+


To learn more about Leticia Van de Putte’s stance on issues and her plans as Texas Lieutenant Governor, visit her campaign website.


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