Recap: #Tech4CIR Hangout with Rep. Garcia and Tech Industry Advocate Organizations

Congressman García - Tech4CIR

“Hispanics have become a scapegoat to our problems when, in fact, they are a driver to the economy.” ~Congressman Joe Garcia

With an all-time high approval rate on the issue, the latest in technologically-sophisticated apps and programs working to help push the issue, and passionate advocates giving their all across the country, it’s easy to get frustrated about the lack of movement on the enactment of immigration reform legislation. After all, this isn’t just a partisan, or a Latino, or any specific group’s problem. This is, in the words of Alida García, Director of Coalitions and Policy at, “an urgent economic issue that will fix our deficit by 900 billion dollars.”

Alida was one of my guests on last night’s Google+ Hangout along with Hanna Siegel, Chief of Staff at the Partnership for a New American Economy, Jimmy Hernández, Immigration Campaign Manager for Voto Latino, Felice Gorordo, Chief Executive Officer of Clearpath Immigration and Congressman Joe Garcia of Florida’s 26th District. Each one of them shared the latest in tech world’s efforts and trends used in the fight for immigration reform as well as their views in terms of how else tech can support the movement’s efforts.

To them, frustration is an unavoidable part of being in the fight, as Jimmy Hernandez pointed out, “Regardless of the frustrations, we realize that we need to keep moving forward, we need to keep applying pressure because we need this bill passed.” This in no way means they are taking a more relaxed approach. On the contrary, Rep. Joe García pointed out the urgency of matter for him and his colleagues: “We have to solve this now, in this congress, because whatever the President does can go away after a bad election.”

The message couldn’t be any clearer: 1) We must continue pushing and holding legislators accountable, 2) We must combine efforts and creativity to bring more awareness and stakeholders to the issue; and 3) WE MUST GET OUT THE VOTE!

I’ll leave you to develop your own personal takeaway when you watch the video, but here’s mine: We have a very narrow window to get any sort of legislation on immigration, so we better step it up.

Below is a list of resources you can get involved in to engage with these organizations and Rep. García. Let’s continue the push, together we can do this!

Twitter: @FWD_us
Facebook: FWDus
Send in your #Selfies4Reform
Submit Your Story to Built By Immigrants
Contact Your Reps to Push4Reform
#ICodeImmigration campaign with Partnership for a New American Economy


Twitter: @VotoLatino

Facebook: Voto Latino


– Participate in the “VL CHALLENGE

– Get ready to Get Out The Vote


Facebook: Renew Our Economy


Local and National Campaigns

#ICodeImmigration campaign with FWD_us



Twitter: @clearpathforms

Facebook: Clearpath Immigration


Tools for Immigrants Seeking Documented Status


Twitter: @RepJoeGarcia

Facebook: Rep. Joe Garcia


Contact: EMail

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