June 18 G+ Hangout: Human Trafficking, A Latino Issue #StopHT

Human Trafficking G+ Hangout Invite1
When it comes to human trafficking, our tendency is to think of it is an issue far detached from our life, something that happens to other people. Nothing can be farther from the truth: Human trafficking victims are being exploited right now in our barrios, under our own noses.

The fact that these victims often go unnoticed screams of the vital need to educate our community, not only as to how to identify a potential situation but also on how to protect our loved ones from falling prey in these situations and where to seek help.

My guests in this discussion will be two veterans in our community’s fight against this modern-day social malaise:
• Ana Isabel Vallejo, Co-Director/Attorney at VIDA Legal Assistance and former Coordinator at the Human Trafficking Academy, St. Thomas University School of Law
• Rocío Alcántar, Supervising Attorney at the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC)

We’ll discuss:
• The Impact of Trafficking in the Latino Community
• How trafficking overlaps with other issues, such as immigration
• Ways to combat it in our communities
• Resources and organizations helping to prevent it and to protect victims.

Join us at 7pm ET, tomorrow, June 18, 2014.

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