The ACA and YOU: Spotlight on Latino Youth G+ Hangout

Young Adults Hangout Promo

For the past couple of months, I have been featuring conversations on how the Affordable Care Act benefits different segments of the Latino population on a Google Plus hangout series called The ACA & You. This coming Wednesday, June 25th at 7pm ET, the topic for said convo will be Obamacare’s benefits available for the younger segment of our community: Latino Youth.

When you consider that twenty percent of low-income Latino youth – a population with high occurrences of chronic medical conditions – have gone a year without a health care visit, it’s easy to see why it’s very important to make sure they get the health coverage they need. To discuss the reasons why they skip medical care at a percentage that is three times higher than that for high-income whites, and explore the coverage options for “Millenial Latinos”, I’ll be talking to top experts, young adults themselves, who have been working with this segment for quite a long time:

Yándary Zavala, Communications Project Manager at Voto Latino
Cristina Rivera, State Outreach Coordinator, Young Invincibles
Sarah Audelo, Policy Director for Generation Progress

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