August 6, 2014 G+ Hangout: Activists Weigh In On Immigration

Activists on Immigration PromoFor all intents and purposes, immigration reform now seems to be dead. Yet across the country, millions of activists refuse to give up the fight. Just this past weekend, hundreds of faith leaders and immigration activists converged in Washington DC to demand for President Obama to use his executive powers on the issue and to protest the last-minute votes of a Congress that, once again, decided to turn its back on the cries of this country’s undocumented immigrants.

So many questions hang in the air: Is the fight over? What options are left, if any, for a group of people whose plights for justice continue to be ignored? To answer these and more, I’ll be interviewing some of the brave souls who participated in civic actions all through the weekend, who will share what’s next on the activism front, and why they simply refuse to give up the fight for a fair and just immigration reform.


Don’t miss it either on Google+ or on YouTube (below), and please me send your questions!

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