G+ Hangout: Social Media For Social Change

SM for Social Change Hangout

Nowadays, everyone and their mother (literally) are using social media. That single fact, along with the sheer amount of content created every second, makes social media either the biggest killer of productivity (cat videos, anyone?), or one of the most potent change-enabling social tools known to man since the printing press. Or both.

The truth is, when done right, social media can truly be a catalyst for rallying a cause, engaging stakeholders, and pressuring for legislative action — As has been the case on issues like immigration.

Yet the questions remain:
– What is the most effective way to harness social media’s power?
– What are the opportunities and the pitfalls that emerge when leveraging social media to facilitate social change?

On Tuesday night, my guests will discuss where social media has succeeded as a social advocacy tool, where it has failed, and how we can learn from case studies like the immigration push online to leverage it most effectively for social advocacy. This is also the topic of our panel at the upcoming Social Media Week – Miami conference (September 22-26, 2014)

Join me and guests:
Tony Hernandez, Immigrant Archive Project
Teresita Chavez Pedrosa, Attorney
Jason Llorenz, Rutgers University

Watch the hangout on Google+ or below via Youtube.

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